The Convenience of Mobile Dent Repair

Cars get dents and scratches all the time. Accidents are common during the winter season. You may go shopping, and you park your car safely in the mall parking area, coming back you find one large ugly scratch. You may be keenly parking at your workplace or reversing your car only to hear a loud bump. You realize you have not only dented your car, but your colleague as well. These are the many situations car owners have to deal with. Dents on your cars are unavoidable no matter how much you try. You can always be careful, but there is always a rowdy driver out there. The trick is to take your car to Rochester NY dent repair as soon as the accident happens to avoid further damage. Sharp edges can cause injuries, i.e., when washing the car, the sharp edges could cut you. Dents affect the car resale value. Insurance companies mostly do not cover the dent repair.

Mobile dent repair is the technique of repairing the dents, scratches or dings in the car at your convenience either workplace or home. You do not have to take your car to an auto body shop rochester. Before choosing a repair service, you need to ascertain they can do the work perfectly. Dents have to as invisible as possible after the work is done.

Car dent repair come in various form. The traditional forms are complex and take more time. Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the method mostly employed. It is very popular due to its convenience, cost effectiveness and pristine results.

Paintless dent removal is an eco-friendly technique used to remove dents, scratches and dings at garages like Rochester mobile dent repair. A qualified technician uses a specialized tool called Paintless Dent Repair reflector board to massage the dents softly from behind the metals. Precision is required here to avoid pushing the metal too hard.If the dented area is not accessible from inside the metal, glues or screws can be used to pull up the dented area and then the surface is flattened out.

Benefits of paintless dent removal

  • · It does not affect the paint of your car
  • · Pristine results, you can be sure the car will be as good as new
  • · It is cost effective. You spend a fraction of what you would have to in traditional methods
  • · No chemicals or solvents that can be harmful to the environment
  • · It takes less time, the procedure will be over in a matter or hours
  • · The car original paint is not affected at all
  • · The car frame also remains intact

Advantages of mobile dent repair


They come to your workplace or home and do the repair while you continue with your chores.

Time and cost

Saves you the time of going to their workshop. Maybe they have a lot of appointments meaning you have to leave your car with them which is inconvenient. You also on save gas you could use to drive to the workshop.

Disadvantage of mobile dent repair

Even though you save on gas, they can charge you extra for coming to your place.

It is not recommended for you to do the job because you could further damage the car. The experts will do the work for you. They are insured so in the case of a malfunction; they are liable for the damage. If you damage the car yourself, you will have to pay it yourself since you will be responsible. They can see the dents that you cannot see plus they have the tools and knowledge of the work plus years of experience that guarantee good results.

How to Use Paintless Dent Repair