How to Use Paintless Dent Repair

Are you having a bad day due to a dent on your vehicle? Surprisingly, Dents on your vehicle are every car owners’ nightmare. Dents tend to happen on a regular basis and one can do nothing about them except to repair them when they occur. Dents are caused by collisions between the car and a hard surface e.g. hailstorms cause car dents. To ensure there are no dents on your vehicle the Paintless Dent Removal is the best move for a guaranteed, fast and a quality job.

PDR is the removal of dents form the surface of a vehicle and in the process the finish is not disturbed. PDR is used to repair dents, door dings, bodyline damages and minor creases. PDR works only if the dent is not too deep for a smooth easy and fast finish that ensures that your vehicle is as good as new. According to auto repair Akron, if the dent is too deep or too sharp then PDR is not advised.

PDR technicians use special PDR tools to shape dents back to their usual curvature. These tools come in various shapes but are mostly bent metal rods with hooks that offer leverage and at the same time ply out as well as straightening and reshaping the dents back to the smooth vehicle surface. Door dings are repaired by inserting PDR tools through holes on the door of the vehicle covered by plastic plugs, which you can click here to buy or borrow. PDR is only possible and successful if the technician can successfully access the dents backside without causing further damage. If the dent cannot be accessed without causing further damage then PDR is out of question since it cannot adequately be used to repair the vehicle fully. PDR is also used to repair damaged panels before repainting them and reducing the use of any type of body fillers on the vehicle.

PDR is all about the use of light and shadows generated. The light and shadows generate lines that the technician uses to repair the dent. The lines either bulge in or out in reference to the dent on the surface. Once the dent is fully repaired then the shadow lines flows over it and thee dent is no longer visible. There are special dent repair light used to provide light for technicians working on your car dent. This device increase visibility of the technicians that enhances the quality of service by reducing probability of mistakes due to lack of enough light while working.

Before deciding on PDR you should first check how deep or sharp the dent is before contracting a mobile dent repair Akron person to repair the dent. This is because the dent may require more attention from a qualified personal to avoid messing your vehicle further with PDR. This will help you to be sure that you want to undertake the PDR to the end regardless of any flaws that may be included.

PDR is a fast and easy process and one can even do it by yourself without hiring a technician to do it for you. Learn the tricks and you can perform PDR on your vehicle yourself.

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