The Convenience of Mobile Dent Repair

Cars get dents and scratches all the time. Accidents are common during the winter season. You may go shopping, and you park your car safely in the mall parking area, coming back you find one large ugly scratch. You may be keenly parking at your workplace or reversing your car only to hear a loud bump. You realize you have not only dented your car, but your colleague as well. These are the many situations car owners have to deal with. Dents on your cars are unavoidable no matter how much you try. You can always be careful, but there is always a rowdy driver out there. The trick is to take your car to Rochester NY dent repair as soon as the accident happens to avoid further damage. Sharp edges can cause injuries, i.e., when washing the car, the sharp edges could cut you. Dents affect the car resale value. Insurance companies mostly do not cover the dent repair.

Mobile dent repair is the technique of repairing the dents, scratches or dings in the car at your convenience either workplace or home. You do not have to take your car to an auto body shop rochester. Before choosing a repair service, you need to ascertain they can do the work perfectly. Dents have to as invisible as possible after the work is done.

Car dent repair come in various form. The traditional forms are complex and take more time. Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the method mostly employed. It is very popular due to its convenience, cost effectiveness and pristine results.

Paintless dent removal is an eco-friendly technique used to remove dents, scratches and dings at garages like Rochester mobile dent repair. A qualified technician uses a specialized tool called Paintless Dent Repair reflector board to massage the dents softly from behind the metals. Precision is required here to avoid pushing the metal too hard.If the dented area is not accessible from inside the metal, glues or screws can be used to pull up the dented area and then the surface is flattened out.

Benefits of paintless dent removal

  • · It does not affect the paint of your car
  • · Pristine results, you can be sure the car will be as good as new
  • · It is cost effective. You spend a fraction of what you would have to in traditional methods
  • · No chemicals or solvents that can be harmful to the environment
  • · It takes less time, the procedure will be over in a matter or hours
  • · The car original paint is not affected at all
  • · The car frame also remains intact

Advantages of mobile dent repair


They come to your workplace or home and do the repair while you continue with your chores.

Time and cost

Saves you the time of going to their workshop. Maybe they have a lot of appointments meaning you have to leave your car with them which is inconvenient. You also on save gas you could use to drive to the workshop.

Disadvantage of mobile dent repair

Even though you save on gas, they can charge you extra for coming to your place.

It is not recommended for you to do the job because you could further damage the car. The experts will do the work for you. They are insured so in the case of a malfunction; they are liable for the damage. If you damage the car yourself, you will have to pay it yourself since you will be responsible. They can see the dents that you cannot see plus they have the tools and knowledge of the work plus years of experience that guarantee good results.

How to Use Paintless Dent Repair

Are you having a bad day due to a dent on your vehicle? Surprisingly, Dents on your vehicle are every car owners’ nightmare. Dents tend to happen on a regular basis and one can do nothing about them except to repair them when they occur. Dents are caused by collisions between the car and a hard surface e.g. hailstorms cause car dents. To ensure there are no dents on your vehicle the Paintless Dent Removal is the best move for a guaranteed, fast and a quality job.

PDR is the removal of dents form the surface of a vehicle and in the process the finish is not disturbed. PDR is used to repair dents, door dings, bodyline damages and minor creases. PDR works only if the dent is not too deep for a smooth easy and fast finish that ensures that your vehicle is as good as new. According to auto repair Akron, if the dent is too deep or too sharp then PDR is not advised.

PDR technicians use special PDR tools to shape dents back to their usual curvature. These tools come in various shapes but are mostly bent metal rods with hooks that offer leverage and at the same time ply out as well as straightening and reshaping the dents back to the smooth vehicle surface. Door dings are repaired by inserting PDR tools through holes on the door of the vehicle covered by plastic plugs, which you can click here to buy or borrow. PDR is only possible and successful if the technician can successfully access the dents backside without causing further damage. If the dent cannot be accessed without causing further damage then PDR is out of question since it cannot adequately be used to repair the vehicle fully. PDR is also used to repair damaged panels before repainting them and reducing the use of any type of body fillers on the vehicle.

PDR is all about the use of light and shadows generated. The light and shadows generate lines that the technician uses to repair the dent. The lines either bulge in or out in reference to the dent on the surface. Once the dent is fully repaired then the shadow lines flows over it and thee dent is no longer visible. There are special dent repair light used to provide light for technicians working on your car dent. This device increase visibility of the technicians that enhances the quality of service by reducing probability of mistakes due to lack of enough light while working.

Before deciding on PDR you should first check how deep or sharp the dent is before contracting a mobile dent repair Akron person to repair the dent. This is because the dent may require more attention from a qualified personal to avoid messing your vehicle further with PDR. This will help you to be sure that you want to undertake the PDR to the end regardless of any flaws that may be included.

PDR is a fast and easy process and one can even do it by yourself without hiring a technician to do it for you. Learn the tricks and you can perform PDR on your vehicle yourself.

How Mobile Dent Repair Works

Mobile dent repair is a process of restoring a vehicle back to its original shape by removing dents, with the help of an expert who always provides emergency services depending on the location of the vehicle. Initially, people would take their vehicles to a repair store and wait for a couple of days for the dent to be repaired. Mobile dent repair has resolved this problem and people do not have to wait in the queue for their vehicle to be repaired.
How it operates
In the event of damage to your car, which can be in the form of dents, parking lounge dings, or scratches, the first thing you need to do is contact a well-trained technician who has several years experience in dent repair. Vehicles are always priceless toys that people take pride in having and no one would feel happy if that precious toy is damaged. Here are the steps to follow in order get served:
– Contact a fully licensed and well experienced service company stating the nature of the situation and your location
– Send a picture of the damaged part
– The company will then make a fast estimate for you
– You may state the urgency and include your email address
The technician will then come to you, assess the situation, and shed some light on the problem and tell you how your vehicle will look after the dent is repaired. Some dents cannot be permanently removed and, therefore, your vehicle will not be fully restored to its original state. But be rest assured that the dent would not be that much visible.

Techniques required
Even though dents are viewed as simple problems that do not need much effort and techniques to repair, but in the real sense they require a well-trained expert who knows how to use the current equipment and technology to accomplish the task at hand. He will have to use a metallic rod, body hammer to push out the dent. Remember that the type of tool used depends on the size and location of the dent; some may be shallow while others may go deep to an extent of damaging the paint.
Benefits of mobile dent repair
1. This type of service saves on time and money. This is much cheaper than taking your car to a body store, where they will charge you more money. The technician will come to you and work on your vehicle while you carry out your duties.
2. Offers emergency services and repair your dents faster without interfering with your schedule.
3. Technicians use the current technology and tools, guaranteeing you satisfying results.
4. Prevent further damage to your vehicle, as dents can make your car be corroded if not repaired on time.
Even though this is a quicker solution to your problems, you should also keep in mind that there are certain damages that cannot be repaired by a mobile dent repair technician. This will force you to take your vehicle to the garage and wait days to have it restored. With all these said, the next time you have a dent in your car you should know what to do. Just call a mobile service company and they your worries will be over.